New sprocket in the works….

We are working on a new sprocket with Phil Wasson, of superratmachine, its basically awesome, and it should be available in one month. David Muggleston sent a tape of old footage, and i no longer want to be an asshole to him. thanks dave, sorry I didn’t like your backseat window. Welfare zine represent. Kelly Baker has a new PW Moto, also a collaboration with Phil Wasson, and was so stoked on it, that he brought it into the Old 76 club and put it right on the bar. He is one sweet dude. We hung out again at Bakers Acres tonight, be there tomorrow, or whatever, it’ll be awesome anyhow. Trails Rule. No Rules. Viva La Hell Beer. TGIF, and props to anyone who loves BMX for the process and not for the results….

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