New Shit Poppin Off At FBM

We will have new Frontload stems available some time in December, hopefully sooner than later, built by Phil Wasson. Diald. Russel Jones is stoked on them.
The New Ride is out, with a 10 page article on an FBM road trip to Portland in it, Below is a pic of Tag from the magazine, and a pic of Berringer and I on the way there. Word up Fudger. Shanton Wilson was not on the trip, but should be at Chenga, killing ramps, and the like. Tony Cardona will also be in the house, and is reported to be installing wings on the Official Teeny Van, to Fly South for the winter, since its already so cold in Chicago. The New Ride UK is also out, and has an Awesome pic of Tony Hamlin, and a few of Tony C. from a profile trip. Pretty Cool. Did anyone hear Derrick Describing himself in the new Props’ Shitluck trip? Easy going? Chews Gum? Kooked.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall