New Bitchin Camaro’s

We got some New Bitchin Camaro’s in stock, for the 2007 race season. Pearl white, and some wild shiny kinda light blue, it looks awesome in person. Alot of riders started out racing, and some people we hang out with still do. Kelly Baker is 40 years old, and is re entering the race circuit this year with his 2 sons, Benny And Clint, heres an old pic of Kelly from a million years ago, when he was in contention for Florida and National top 10. Ape! Big Dave is busy whipping up some new prototypes in his magic shop at FBM, the parts he was working with today were some of the coolest I have seen yet, and I have seen Dave make some cool shit. Expect some news in the near fuure about the haps back there, as well as some news about Johnny Corts, His brother Mike, and their Cover/ Air Guitar/ lipsync band, Night Moves. Totally Stoked.

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