More trip stuff…

Heres a bunch of pics that Kelly shot on the trip. One from Scott Towne as well.
Mike Corts was on the trip as a fill in for Tony Hamlin, who is dealing with a bum knee. Mike Works in the machine shop, but is good enough to be sponsored by about anyone. He rules. Scared of mousetrapos too. Tony Cardona might have had the most fun out of anyone on the trip, check him out on to see him riding at the Joplin comp a couple weeks ago, they have a video up with himm winnning that bad boy. Any rate, just trying to get back in to the swing of things, Big Dave is helping walter fix the rig, after we put it in a ditch the first night, and wrecked the generator gas tank. That was a good one. Now Playing- “like the way I know”-Descendents

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