More derby pics….

Winning the Derby isn’t like winning the Xgames, or a Tour De France, it’s more like winning a game of C-lo. It’s all chance, but in a case like this, the mystery man himself had just enough weirdness to walk by the competition, and be last man standing. No Big payouts, but a few good bragging rights, a slippery trophy, and a bunch of laughs. Its a fun event, and watching the creativity, prior to the destruction is pretty cool too.BMX online has more Pics, as does Albes and the guys at Kink. Thanks reez, Zack, J.roe and the crew. The 4down crew was so jealous that Ian was at teh event solo, that they tried having a demo in their new tour van, but someone stole it first, and burned it outside Deane Hearnes house. nice. Tony Hamlin is supposed to go over there for a tour next week in that thing, with Mark Tanner, Tom Blyth and the other guys, hopefully Ian won’t be stifled by too many backorders, and can get it sorted, it should be fun. More news soon?

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more derby pics….

Heres a couple more pics…..

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