Monday News extravaganza!

Kie Askworth AKA Ka$hworth! by Jason Starr!

My inbox was flooded with awesomeness this morning. Matt from Tempered bikes in Brisbane, sent over this shred pic of Dr. Ka$hworth off a rail. A good bunch- those dudes! Number 2 in the heck ya- picfest, was Kelly Baker, 42 years old, and still killing it. backyard fence hop, on home turf. Mickey and his crew sent over a bunch of pics from a 90’s style box jump session- Balls would be stoked. Mike and Cody are he other 2 guys riding with him! Tommy T. has been digging an roasting in Pa. Everyone is stoked, spring has people all fired up it seems. Let’s get blisters!

Grown ass man- Kelly Baker!!! mickey! Cody... Mike... Tommy T and friends at work!

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Monday News extravaganza!

Tom Blyth shot. turndpwn, somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.
Check the 4Down site and look at the new media section for videos and random UK news, and Such. Cameron Wood pics sent over by Skier J. Thanks man. Cam is adialer, for serious, and stuff. Derrick Girard showed up in Ithaca, climbed some trees, and some rooftops, ate some shortstop, puked down a set of stairs, and wa seen wandering around the streets in a sheepskin wig. Look For some Custom Derrick painted Deployers coming soon. You can check out Derrick in the new Props during the Credence Road trip section, part Duex. Call up John Lee at Last Call if you want to pre book some of the new Credence frames. John Paul wanted to meet Captain Fun, so he stopped by FBM, and was able to witness Kelly Bakers new signature Gas Masks, for when you are on long road trips in a van full of smelly dudes. While there, the corts Brothers were making some serious Metal in the FBM machine shop, more news on that later. Now playing, Wu Tang Clan- “bring the ruckus!”

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