Mike Hinkens Update

DSC_0028 (1)
Name-Mike Hinkens
AGE-33 Current
Location– Arlington, VA

Tell us about recent changes in the Hinkens lifestyle
Just moved to the East Coast for my wife’s job and stoked on meeting new people and seeing new spots. Going to be here for at least 6 months, so lets ride!

Whats good with your current bike setup?
Everything! Its been a year since I set this badboy up and it feels amazing still. It also looks amazing! Take a look for yourself. American-made tough ass bikes that feel good is whats good!

Who have you been riding with lately, and who gets you stoked?
I have met a ton of different people since I moved here a month ago. Jack Heathen, Dave Zovcko, Carlo, Dan-O, Ezra, Holliday, Dre, and Lichetenberger to name a few. Thanks for the hospitality boys!

Thanks to all the people making me feel welcome on the coast and to FBM and Madera for provided me with a sick ass bike to have fun on with my friends.

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