Mike Hamlin Update

Tony Hamlins Dad is named MIKE. Mike likes to pund Tshirts, rock out to overkill, Skid Row and Motorhead. Mike also likes to ride bmx ramps on snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, and motorcycles. Mike is the same age as Kelly, and used to rock quarter pipe airs, and he also has 2 other sons besides Tony that ride. You might have seen mike on the Fuel Channel, in the new Props, or driving down the Highway guzzling a Tshirt. Mike is a sweet dude. Tony was on the way home from Bone deth with us on Fathers day, and after calling Mike, had this to say- “my dad was riding the mini ramp…. on a 4 wheeler, and he ate shit…” Tony was stoked, he then proceeded to ride at bakers acres, and land in a turndown off the ewok village. He pulled the on in this picture though. Now Playing- Overkil- “hello from the gutter”

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