Mike hamlin Smokes Newports….

Tony Hamlin was too sick to come out for the Derby this year, so his dad, Mike Hamlin came out and represented for the Hamlin family. Mike Likes Newport Cigarettes, Pounding T-shirts, summertime snowmobiling, roosting the 4 wheeler, and basically just Aping it hard. He’s an alright guy, and I think he;s younger than Tony. Look for Tony and Aaron Ross at the Rebel jam in Germany soon. Cameron Wood heads back to Utah today, but not until after he 360d teh Wilbur gap from 1201, and basically just smiled all wee, While Derrick Dialed all week. Derrick is back in Maine, sans wallet. He should have had a chain on that thing. He freaked out, and then the Bartender at the Chanty said “I think one of your buddies left this here…” Ha. You’d like to stretch Fishers Dog out….. Happy Monday peoples.

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