Mickey Marshal Is Stoked!


Mickey Called and said he had been riding alot, and kinda had some crank problems, THen Liquor James sends this pic of Mickey doing this Curved wall, and I about shit. According to James-“Micky killed this wall. Higher than anyone I’ve seen. Snapped some cranks on the landing as well.” Awesome. Toby Forte emailed about getting to ride trails for the first time since his injury, and he is super pumped. As is Joel Barnett, simply because he is awesome. Ryan Corrigan is in Peru with Leland till next week, and tells tales of 18 hour busrides, and Leland getting sick for 5 days after eating a guinea pig. Who eats a guinea pig?

and then.... Corrigan and Leland Comic strip. Toby Forte riding trails again! Toby Forte... Joel Barnett, invert 360 at rays on monday. Joel Again, by Jeff Phillips. Adam Ginch getting ready for a hairspin.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall