Make it happen!

Evan V, eyeing it up.

It was a frigid, bone cold East coast weekend,filled with championship football, frozen waterpipes, and cold sessions on the streets. Brian Lee, and Evan V. shredded on Hand built Exodus frames, giving them a rigorous workout. One of the Highlights of the session, was Evan showing up with a moped/bike carrier device he modded, and launching wheelies on it. A departure from the norm for sure….A journey towards fun!

Big Gap... Make it happen. White walls Brian Lee...

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Make it Happen!

This  is was Chase Makes Tony Look like!

The Red Bull trick Or treat Comp went down in Rochester last night, it was supposed to be in an alley way in Canandaigua, but bad weater moved it indoors to the Xdreams skatepark. Tony C. was the ONLY rider who got dressed up. There were CNCd pumpkins. Faces in the crowd included Sean Sexton, John Saunders, Chase Hawk, Evan Venditti, and Rob Tibbs. Rochester Locals were in Full effect as well. Halloween is this week, send us your pics…

Same shit Different Angle Evan Venditti from Richmond Va. Evan V. Haloween... Chase hawk... Can Can An albino Honkey deer in an old defunct Army Missile Bunker Lets get awesome...

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Make it Happen!

This is a pic of Big Dave making it happen. Things are heeting up at FBM, literally, when dave melts metal. He has been working on dialing in the 08 line of FBM frames, which we will be showing in Vegas, Including a big bike. The Fixture showed up Yesterday at the shop, Jim Bagg went somewhere between outerspace, and the beginning of time while making this beast. Take it to the bank. Wormz let us Know that the trip he is on with the Corts Bros. is already wild enough to earn the need for a new tranny. Stoked. Lemmy Longsleeves showed up at FBM. Get one!

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