Look ater…..

The trip out in the northwest is nearing an end, which will be followed by a lengthy drive back to NY. Northwest highlights include camping, the beach, Shad, Goods, Eddie Cleveland (HUGE APE), Chester Blacksmith (FBM Gang?), Jamie Mcparland, Jordan, Erik, Scotty, Forgash, Emily and Near for putting us up. All the cool spots and cool people. Its been a good time. We went to the goonies house, it said private drive, so we went up the hill, coasted down in neutral, and used the driveway like a runaway truck ramp. Peopla actually live there, so they were not stoked. We checked out the coast, rode with a buch of cool people in Toledo, got called fags at the Newport park by skaters, then used their bench as firewood when we camped. The Lincoln City Skaters gave us dirty looks while we looked at the transitions there. You would think someone was trying to kidnap a baby from them. Ryan Wooster was with us, he is cool as hell, as is Fudger who was shooting Pics of the boys. Ryan Fudger is a good dude, He bought the Twin a half eaten Burrito. Thanks for everything Ryan, seriously. It’s Hard to remember anything on the road for the news. The Northwest is Crawling with apes, and we are stoked.

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