Leif Valin Vs. David Lee Roth

Leif Valin was in town Long enough to enter the greather Binghamton Area David Lee Roth Jump Off, and won a free trip to Flo’s Clam Shack with Deuce and Clipper in the Mothership, Courtesy of David himself. Immediately after the Jump off, Big Dave threw his back out lifting an original Kink Empire frame, and had to be put in a wheel chair. Stunned at the news, Fisher went and smoked a carton of newports, and started a Cameron Wood Fanclub with a dwarf in a kilt. Dwarf Shown with Cam. Tony Cardona has been in Chicago with Joel Moody, KP, and Greg Dickson filming for the Empire video, Greg used his straight edge beer gut for Tony to bump jump off of, and right into a tree where he proceeded to drink wine, and pretend he was king kong. Aaron Ross spent the weekend Jetskiing in Corpus Christi, He also text messaged a bunch of people. Next weekend is the Newark Valley Skatepark Fundraiser held by Kelly Baker, since Bone Deth is postponed, the entire East Coast is expected to come and have roman candles shot at them by any given member of the Baker Families. Word…..

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