Killer Bee’s on the swarm!

Protect Ya Neck! Was Captain Fun In texas? Aaron Ross and Tony Cardona are Now in the same state as Cameron Wood who is on a shitluck trip, in TX with Leland and MEtro and Tag. Metro is probably puzzled. The Film fest is nearing, Joe Stakun made us a commercial for it. We are still accepting entries, and will have updated info on the whole event this afternoon or so… Brian Osbourne from Duffs Sent over a pic of his Autopilot, as well as shout out that the Duffs site is updated, including Info on the Bunny hop Comp they are helping us throw in NYC on the 19th of may. Lets Party!- Now playing Gorilla Biscuits- “Sitting around at home”
Guess who did the original version of that song, and win Hi Five from Brian Veneble of Lucero

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