Kie Ashworth, #1 stunna!

Kie Ashworth is SICK!

Kie sent over a pic of some wild stair set moves-“i landed it rolled away probably 3 metres, then fell off the side like uncontrolably, i head butted my bars when i landed bent my fake teeth inward and bled out of my gums, kinda got whiplash when i landed head blew back an thats when i fell off, soo anoying”
Wow. Garrett G, and Mickey just got back from the Savage South tour. They said it was awesome. Wormz and Mikey corts did some Zoo York modeling, thats featured in the Swindle mag. Lets get Awesome! More news in a few……

Garrett From the Savage South Tour! Wormz and Mikey Corts in the new Issue of Swindle. Wild hogs? Shea Nyquist with a tweaked Ironhead.... Stew Johnson, Twin Organ donor?

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