Kenny Horton’s weekend BBQ!

Welcome to the team Kenny... bob pic

To celebrate the addition of Kenny Horton to the FBM team, we had a backyard ramp style BBQ at his house, (thanks Lois). It was a sunny, 65 degree day in Kenny’s hometown of Newport News Virginia, and no less than 125 riders, and friends alike convened on the ramp sprawl, for good times, burgers, hi fives and hot dogs… Some of the highlights include Evan V roasting all day, (see the previous post), Adam Guilliams hooting and chanting kenny’s name all day, the dialed grill Kenny’s mom won playing bingo, the get loose crew in effect, and everyone generally having a good day. Thanks to Justin Wadell, Lois Horton, Kenny, and all the riders who showed up to have fun in the name of BMX….!

Castle rock. Bertle juice! All smiles! Unknown whip shredder. Mickey Marshal... friends... stokeage.

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