Ken gets rad….

Ken Musgrave pulls miami hoppers, right into a bridgeport mill, at the FBM machine shop, while John Corts cuts fork legs in record time with new tools that were donated to FBM by either NASA, or some shit like that. Tony Hamlin watches Aqua Teen while shitty twins break his toes. FBM road trip this week? Potential filming expedition with World Famous Cruzer, Magilla Cruddy, Mike Tag, and the tonys, Tony Hamlin and Tony Cardona, first stop Louisville, next stop who knows… The price of gas is amazing right now, so well probably make it like 40 yards from where we start. Shitluck Vid premiere last night at East Coast Terminal, Bugsy was stoked, Kelly Baker had 3-D glasses on (he did not fall through the ceiling), and Big Dave handed out blankets to anyone who was cold. What else is new?

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall