Kelly Baker Update….

KB, and Tortie!

I have know Kelly since I was 13, which was more than 20 years ago. 20 years is a long time in BMX, where what’s popular or cool is rarely defined by longevity, endurance and dedication.
KB sent over a couple pics of the trail progress, and his Art, the Al-log-gator, which got me extra stoked, hence this shout out- “Kelly Baker is awesome!”
Between work, family, and general insanity, KB has survived another winter, is working on building the dirt jumps, taking his daughter to the motocross races (she starts racing) and taking his sons to the skatepark. Dude is an ape!
Keep it up KB!

The Bakers! Benny Art Wow Bakers acres used to be when I hit him in his nuts when we were younger... Amazing trail Art.

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