its News!

2 Very serious dudes, in FBM Gear! Defgrip has a video of Aaron Ross posted on the site. You can also see it on the Media section of our site. Aaron is a good rider. In preparations for interbike in Vegas, Big Dave played Monster garage (sans neck tattoos and funny sunglasses) on Walter Periengers rig. Big Dave can fabricate the shit out of some metal. Looks for some of his other handcrafted awesomenss in vegas as well, including a new version of aaron Ross’ new bike, with new 08 features.4Down announced that Oli Bradshaw won the free FBM giveaway, check themout for more on that. Post Summer trail riding is pleasureable. Heres a couple of Pics from a random Wednesday evening session at Bakers Acres. Corrigan is rumored to be building some nic nacs for a potential Animal Jam at the Banks this sunday? Now Playing- The dead Boys- “I need Lunch”

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