Its Friday, and we ain’t got no TPS reports…..

Tony hamlin got to the choppah, finnaly, and Deane Hearne was the pilot, he was smoking stogies, with Nick spath, and getting ready for the Animal “Joe Tiseo” Jam at eth BK banks this weekend. So that should be sweet. Some of the guys are coming down to the event, in a scool bus that Laif Valin drew. Scott Towne put together a new stairmaster, and sent over a pic, so peep that. I am over near NYC right now, with Ralph Sinisi, the founder of Animal . Last night we rode the city till 2am like kids, with OSSo, Shane Rossi, and a bunch of dudes form the city, including Tyrone williams and Big James. It was fun, I’ll have some pics of that soon. Ralph was riding like a madman.

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its Friday, and we ain’t got no TPS reports…..

Tom Blyth hates squirrels, and if you want to see him lauch off of one in his Voices Video part click here. Tom is one of our new favorites,and doing a good job representing FBM and 4 Down. Toby Forte who also kills things, is winning the polls on FATBMX for best Forte lookbacks, check it out and vote for him. Toby Rules, him his brother Kye have video of them jumping 60 foot doubles. FBM has a new poll, look on the right and scroll down for that sucker. Boyely Jam Flyer is posted, Boyley stories alone will be worth the trip. Ithink Tag almost lit his dads kitchen on fore once, blowing fireballs. Friday as someof you might know is Fish Fry-day,and shop shoutouts, the first shop is Cyclone Cycles all the way over in London, its accross the street froma famous pie and mash shop, and houses Bicycle Union, as well as John Dye. John, shown blasting “the Spot” is a longtime supporter of FBM, and Ray is just plain awesome. Thanks guys. Goods in Portland Oregon is the next shop, run By Shad Johnson, who is lethal at times, Goods has some Stiarmasters on the way, and a cool shop that supports the scene out there. Word to Shad, and OBD. Mike Cottle is a shredder who’s family does a shop in Orlando called Outspoken, Peep OBMX for info on any FBM shit you might need, and random updates. I once bullied Mike into pulling a toothpick tailwhip on a subbox, he was so stoked I don’t think he was bothered by it. Oh yeah. In other news, Tony Hamlin is in the house making faces, and dialing in his whip after 7 foot drops to flat over a german cow. His grips bent I think.TGIF ya’ll….

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