Its almost that time again…

KB, forgash pic, ride mag archives.... Me lurking, filming for All Time Low in the corner

For the Northeast to grab a hoody, and ride into Autumn. Heres an old Pic of KB, at the Land, some time ago…
Mikey Corts hurt his hand on Mega tour early on the trip, He said he sat on it, No clue… But Todd Johnson set over a few pics, and Stew mentioned that KP hasn’t stopped talking. Stokeage!
Two Jams in early October, one for The Catty Woods benefit put on by the Axelneck brigade of dirt compilation, over in Cattasaqua PA. Treebo knows how to laugh.
THe other is hosted in the land of Credence, in NH. Clint and Josh Heino have something in the works up there, sounds fun. Where the eff is Marbles?

Mega tour is the shit Todd Johnson of QBP Mikey on Mega tour! I have no idea.... Clint of credence! Catty WOods jamboree

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