Into the Fire….

The BBQ at the Bike lot in Rchmond Va went down with only one casualty, a girl tried riding drunk, and slid across a transition on her face. It was stunning. about 75 people showed up to ride, hang out and eat some food. Good times. Almost as good as Tom Hanks in the movie- The Burbs. Lotsa good riding,laughing and a burn barrel to warm up next to. Not Bad. Rest in Piece, Evel Knieval, the guy who birthed BMX, passed away today. Everyone knows he pretty much inspired everything thats awesome nowadays, and broke 435 bones in his body in the process, but not many people know that Cory Feldman was also in the movie – the Burbs. The Sale on FBM frames, with free chopper forks is up again on the FBM Online Store. Check it out!

Evan V. Fastplant... Turndown by Mike on a Nightrain... Joey Spinoza showed up at the BBQ. micky and garrett.... RIP Buddy. Buddies at the Bike Lot, RVA BBQ. John Corts stick welding the bus back together. This dog was at the Jam, his name is Chief Wiggam. Corts' are stoked.

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