Interbike- Las Vegas, Booth 5757

Gilly at his home, POSH, in eastern Pa.

Quite possibly the antithesis to BMX for the next few days in the dessert of Nevada, You can find Jeremy “magilla” Reiss in the woods a few miles from his apartment in Bethlehem Pa. While many of us are shaking hands and kissing babies at the Sands expo center, and others are simply kissing ass and shaking off hangovers, This guy will be shredding the shit out of some of the best dirt jumps in the history of our sport. Gilly and his friends spend countless hours digging, building their own version of BMX for themselves, and a few VIP guests, for little or no reward, outside of simply enjoying the time they spend in the woods. You won’t see these guys hustling for sponsorships, sweating web videos, and talking shit anonymously, just hustling some wheel barrows, or through some traffic after work, to try and get a few hours of daylight autumn sessions in. Simple, pure, fun, and really amazing to witness. I stopped by Posh last week, shot a few pics with Gilly, and I am stoked that after over 20 years, he is still killing it on the BMX, and genuinely smiling when he walks back up the hill to start each run. Stay Gold Jeremy!

Peep the flipside this week in Vegas, or check out our preview on Fat BMX ,ride your bikes and smile….

Notice Chill in progress simple, stylish, timeless. Is that a big set?

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