Indiana Jones returns…

muggeo, trbell, aka sweet baby pic.

Sweet Baby monday updates are becoming tradition, and good thing, he takes great pics, of the corts bros’ and friends. Muggeo Barspin pic ala LA Lakers, and Magic’s johnson. Corts, after an adventure in welding custom exhaust. Those guys are stunning. For a link to the wild world of Supes, Shady grady and friends, check out Superbmx and start connecting with Long Island maniacs, and a look into part of their scene. Great Dudes.

Indiana Corts! super bmx!

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Indiana Jones returns…

double peg to smith sequence of john corts by sweet baby

This is from sweet baby, via email-“Oh yeah, last night I asked Johnny if he wanted to ride, he said “yeah” went up stairs then came back dressed up as Indy. So then we rode around downtown Bing with that asshole. he did a double peg to smith sans giant boulder chasing him. “

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