I’ll Tumble For You

Boy George serenades Mikey while he tumbles some tubes.

So it’s raining lots, and apparently within a few hours the rising waters will be flowing into the building, totally killer. Other than the impending flood disaster, disasters are commonplace around here, it’s business as usual. Whether it’s building bikes, stickering bikes, heat-treating bikes, painting bikes, and even riding bikes, it’s bikes galore this summer at FBM.

In some not so disastrous news, Howard Micky Leslie Memmy Marshall is now on the Orchid flow team. Hooray for him, the poor man’s toes were sticking out the bottom of his severely worn shoes. Thanks to Handsome Mike Clarke and Scary Little Derek Devil for hooking our dude up after Big Dave pointed out to them Howard’s pathetic footwear situation. This all went down at John Vandever Homan III’s video premier for the new 2X4 team video, good action. Make sure you support 2X4 and actually purchase the thing.

Maybe I’m not getting the right vibe off of this, but I think the internets really, really wants BMX companies to eliminate the seat clamp. I hope we are right. Below somewhere is a sneak peak at our attempt to rid the planet of the scourge of the parts world, the lowly seat clamp.

Keep the rubber side down, and injuries to a minimum.

Screw you seat clamp! This is a prototype seat binder, if we decide to do it the This is our new buddy, and he goes by the name Boogie. He's a local at the Binghamton public park, and from what I've heard does some mean flyouts. How many 12 year old kids roll by a frame maker and get a custom made frame? Mikey seems to be more efficient when Boy George isn't bothering him. These a**holes came zooming by and rolled a huge wave into the machine shop. Exodus frames rolling down the line. Mr. Wizmerski and some rough looking Pennsvile, NJ local. Wiz did a superb job editing the new 2X4 video. The Skeleton packed and off to paint. Re-stocked. Since I don't usually put pictures of myself up here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to pop this one up.  Pretty proud to be on one of the worst BMX Plus! covers ever, and that's saying something, as there have been some pretty terrible ones...top right.

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