I hope everyone is sick of Trail pics…

I mentioned that I would get some street pics on the site, since its been all trails lately, but Team Major Air even has teh trail bug. I guess its kind of like street, except you can catch backside. Maybe not. Ha. Anyrate, Sweetbaby sent these pics of Johnny and Mikey Corts jumping while Greco catches flies. Stoked. Mitch Hamlin sent over the Tony pics, Doing Rick Flairs and barhumpers at the trails. Mitch says the guys up there have been working like spartans in the movie 300.
Party. 4 Down has a video posted on the site from Toby Forte’s Trip to Oz. Toby is currently rocovering from a gnarley wreck. he is one sweet dude. Now PLaying- Pegboy- “strong Reaction”

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