Help Wanted/ Headed South

The dudes: Joel, Kie, Mickey and Garrett.

This is an open casting call for qualified CAD/ Solid Works personage and graphic designers.

First off: I need help sending drawings to Taiwan for our ever expanding complete line of bikes. The focus will be frame drawings, but not limited to only frames. Experience is a must, self-motivation is a plus, non-douchebag types are encouraged to send examples of your work. The position will be freelance based.

Secondly: This one is relatively simple, we need a qualified graphic designer to help us in all design aspects of what’s going on around here. We are shorthanded and there’s more work than we can currently handle for FBM, the Take, Nice and Last Call. You can work from anywhere in the world (literally), the position is part time/ retainer based. Please send your portfolios for review.

This is an excellent opportunity to get your career in the bicycle industry rolling or a great way to pad your resume.

All inquiries should be sent to:

Don’t forget about the Ghetto Big Air Contest down in Richmond this weekend. A few of the team dudes left this morning from Binghamton to make their way down there. Wish them luck, good, fun loving dudes, but they ain’t the brightest bunch.

Stuck in the parking lot at the shop, zero minutes into the trip. Shop talk. Little tidbits of Nice stuff on the bikes. Juice for the road, Meatloaf approved. Powder Coat bottlenecking. What's more important, protecting the hub or the Crazy Chain?

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