Gypsy Caravan DVD available worldwide!

Brian Yeagle on the Gypsy tour,,,,

In case you didn’t notice amidst a world of webvids and HD steady shots, we released a tour video called the gypsy caravan. Its a 10 dollar double disc, disc 1 with over an hour of chaos from each of the teams that were on the trip. Each crew filmed and edited their own sections, and disc 2 is filled with bonus clips, including a full 20 minute FBM video that was posted online in the fall. The new Dig Mag has a ton f photos, and such from the trip, so check that out, it was a good time, a traveling barrel of laughs. The Bottom of the barrel. Heres the trailer again, complete with marginal man on the soundtrack-

Available- cheap, at shops for a bout 10 bucks.... Gypsy Tour in the new dig... Nice products out now as well, photo courtesy of circuit bmx... Archived Tag pic from Tread mag Tag again. Another FBM Legend- Derrick Girard. Maniac coming soon!

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