Guest Update by Catfish…

Cran Cran has officially changed his name to “Wu Tang Cran aint nothin to F with”. That came to me in a vision this morning and made my day.
Wu Tang Cran is out in the warehouse making shit tight so I was given the dubious honor of updating the site.

Its summer time…that means feeble grinds, cold lemonade, and Bakers Acres. If you don’t know about Kelly Baker..please hit yourself in the teeth with a ball peen hammer because he rules.

Look at this picture:
Crantastic with his shirt undone, Little Benny Baker about to tuck no hander, a skater with a mullet, a sunburned Collins, and daddy on the big bike. We need more days like this.
This was actually the last time I was in Binghamton and it ruled. Later that night I was almost molested by a girl with hair shooting out of her forehead. It was bad.

She kinda looked like this:

Cameron Wood checked in from SLC. Hes busy doing 360’s to flat while his 14 wives watch on and 7 of them scream “MONEY, MONEY, MONEY” while the other 7 scream “NICE,NICE,NICE”.

Crandall and Simone sleep together. Thats all I got.


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