Grown Ass Man Jumps down stairs…

KB 42 years old, and counting.

Also Known as Kelly baker’s Great Pennsylvania BMX party escape. Matt Treebo, of Axelrad Do not Carers built a new AxelRad Army Website after building a new Berm at Catty, it’s a new Dirt interfaced Blog Template, and he Invited KB, and Tommy T. to log on and hit the Jumps, the weird part is that with all the landings in the Lehigh Valley, Kelly also chose to jump down 12 stairs to flat. Apparently it was a result of a bet lost with Gilly, on who could have the most fun on saturday. Gilly won by a small margin, by giving Kelly a Hot foot while he napped in a hammock in the woods. On the drive home, Kelly bragged about being able to play Werewolf in London, on the Piano as a child, and how good the pranks are you can pull with lindberger cheese. More news shortly….

KB at Catty Woods KB at Posh With Gilly Smalls OLD BMX book with Kelly Baker... Internet Axelneck Jumps, in HD!

Originally Posted by steve Crandall