Gone Daddy Gone

Not stoked on BMX...at all. Despair and confusion loom.

In an attempt to break our shipping record at Last Call, UPS man fails miserably. Supposedly, they are sending someone later on this evening with more gumption, let’s hope so. Kids and shops are waiting patiently for these suckers to land on shop doorsteps which will start happening as early as tomorrow. You can’t really be surprised a company that has employed Leland Thurman for 14 years might be squirrely every once in while.

Other than the shipping craze, it’s almost business as usual out back making frames. Good stuff going on around here.

The task at hand. He made a go of it... ...and then totally bailed the scene. Metal Work. Two monkeys f*#@ing a football? Wild Bill Ashby enjoying the view in Moab, Utah. Old pic of Wild Bill. This doubles photo ran in Ride UK a ways back, Mike Corts and Ryan Metro. Nasty Nate Richter will be posted up at this thing.

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