Gilly wins the Dew Tour!

Magilla Gorilla!

After Building the jumps at the Baltimore Dew Tour, Magilla won the contest by leaving the city all together, and riding posh, with Nutter and Clint Reynolds. No word on whether or not Dunny was present. Congrats Jeremy T. Reiss. After hearing the news, Chunk, AKA John Tillman, and his Bowling partner, “triple Whopper” beat out Mirra, Simon Tabron, and Koji Kraft in Celebrity bowling. also at the dew tour. MIckey got word, jump to flat, and hi fived Big Job, who just got finished building an entire village by hand in upstate NY. APE!

Wheres nutter? James P. Nutter Mickey again... jump to flat Ramen Noodle Humvee? Chunk Wins Dew tour Bowling

Originally Posted by Steve crandall