Ghetto Big Air this Saturday!!!!

X games during a recession?

The ramp is pretty dialed in… twice we used a tape measure, and its pretty right on. Wessal approved. A few roll-ins and sub coping airs yesterday on the beast, when the pro’s show up, it’s gonna be a hoot!
Hotel and schedule info is posted here. It’s a rain or shine event, unless its bad, then we will run it sunday!
Saturday night, the after party is at the Bar Tibbs works at, Called Mojo’s, and The Mangler, Mike Mcqueen is bringing the new Levi’s video to show on the big screen…
As for the Event, we’ve got a bunch of prizes for the Mini ramp jam, and cash for Highest Bunnyhop of the day. Leland is going to have a hot dog eating contest, and Gull, as well as RPG will playing on the Flatbottom of the Mini while we run High air, and Best trick… we are looking at about a grand for the winner of each. Kind of a winner take all in those respects…. Ghetto Big air is NOT jam format, its a semi casual pre register/Invite only style, so if you plan on riding in it, email and let us know. This is partly due to the outrageousness of the ramp setup, and the format of the comp…as well as limited time and space. Riders confirmed are Garret G. Mickey M. , Chad Kagy, Simon Tabron. Zack Shaw, Robb Tibbs, Zack Warden, and more, with Mat Hoffman Judging.
We hope to see you all at the event, it should be a good mix of Riding, good music, food, beverages, Big Sketchy airs, and laughter with Darryl Nau bringing some Hype. Holla At us..

Building a throne of pallets for Hoffman to judge from... Balls... Big Ramp, little hammer... Mike P, working on the new mini... The Intibbidator, unloading wood to finish the ramp. Its sweet! Mike at the new jumps in RVA... Random Dirt Jump pics... Evan and the 90's are tight...

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