Tony Hamlin is getting ready for the backyard build off, by jumping over Arnold schwarzenegger at some trails by his house. Arnold told Tony, “I’m Down Heeyeeaaa…” time and time again, until Tony finally cleared him. Deane Hearne then gave the Governor of California a menthold cigar, and said “Lemme get a pack of Newportski’s”. Lil Scary Derek Adams emailed to let us know that Orchid and Little Devil have updated websites. Here is the first ppic ever published of the founder of said companies, shredding his backyard jumps. Van Homan who’s new store Two By Four has already banned Derek from the premises, for stealing a Light Blue FBM Pigeon t shirt. Mike Corts is at teh New York State fair watching Thor perform “thunder on the Tundra”, and doing freestyle bmx shows with Dorito. Stunning. Derek should be in Turkey by now, if you thought that part of the world was unstable before, wait till Leland and derek end up with a bottle of who knows what, in the streets of Istanbul. Now Playing, Black Flag- “tv Party”

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