Gate 8.

Got an email from Tom Blyth, who is almost healed up from knee surgery. He should be riding soon and had this to say in his email-“Can you please draw me a picture for my blog of King Diamond on a BMX riding through the toll booth on the Humber Bridge under a sign that says “Welcome to Kingston upon Hell” with a devil in the tollbooth and a river of fire under the bridge and a caption that says “Satan has taken his… TOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!”


Also can the devil have a goatee please?”
I was stunned, peep his Blog for more. Kelly Baker took his kids to the motocross national at Unadilla this weekend for their first time. Stokeage. Carmicheal beat out trash can Bob Morgan for the win….The local bmx track, Bingo BMX no longer exists though… Hancock and John Lee shown, were not as stoked. Billy “the birdman” Finch was not available for comment.

Race day... Big Job and the Baker family at Unadilla It rained this weekend a lil bit random push

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