Garrett Ginch Effin Rules!

Some pictures from Jake Geisel

Gary Gimbo sent us an email this morning, – “Some pictures from Jake Geisel from when I was in Tulsa. Ganked these from espn. See you soon buddy! Love ya!-GG”. Stoked.
One Time we were all eating at a restaurant that this dude Sleeper worked at, and we were drinking coffee, getting ready for a dialed afternoon of session during a road trip. There were like ten of us, and the whole time, Garrett has this studious look on his face, staring at the menu. He was the last one to order, and had ample time to sort out what he wanted to eat, but Couldn’t. After a polite inquiry from the waitress, he gets all stressed out an blurts-” ahhhhhh, uh, FISHY Joe!”.
Fishy Joe was one of the bagel specials with salmon. I don’t think he even wanted it, he just cracked under pressure, and yelled out the funniest looking item on the menu!
FBM Loves Ginches!

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