Garratt Gilliums Vs John Rambo


Here are some sweet pics of FBM Rookie Garret Gilliums, Garret Is driving his oldsmobile to NY from St. Louis, and listening to meatloaf the entire way. He is kooked. Leif Valin also sent over a few pics, including this leaf, and a drawing of a Puch. Mopeds are dialed. Kelly baker isnt scared to ride a moped with a bike on the back…Here are 2 pics that were in Dig Mag of Kelly riding a Yamaha moto bike, same setup, from 1977 and 2007. Not many riders able to have pulled that stunt. Peep the article its cool. Kelly is a 2 wheeled mad man. A legend. At one point during the pouring rain, driving to the trails, Him and Big Job found a mattress on the side of the road, and tied it to the back of Big Jobs truck, and Kelly Surfed it down the road. Stunning. 1 of 45 thousand stories. Is that a photo of Losey and a publishing mogul getting hammered? is that in a dicey neighborhood in Binghamton?
Phone conversation-
Me-“hey gilly, Iwatched rambo 2 last night”
Gilly- “why?”
Me-“I don’t know, I was bored..”
Gilly- “what? You couldn’t find a shittier movie?”

Leif Pic Leif Art. KB as seen in Dig. Party till you puch! French for Rambo. Random photo of Losey and Brad Mcdonald drinking Moonshine on My porch...

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