Friends, Bikes, More fun…

The holidays are upon us, and the end of another year is in the works as well. 2007 has been as strange as any of them so far, but if you are riding bikes, and are lucky enough to remember to smile when doing so, things aren’t always so bad. Its Cold as heck in NY, and a few of us locals went to CJ’s in Elmira this weekend, at one point I realized about all of the 5 friends that I was with, were at leats 30 years old, and i anounced “all oldies- all the time” and then downtown Cody Brown busted out a youthful flair real big, and said Jamie Bestwick had just taught him at woodward. Wow! Kelly Baker stopped By with his BMX’s and Carved the wall in the warehouse, Kelly is a vet as well, he turned 41 last month, I think I forgot to wish him a Happy B-day! (Happy Happy KB). He still rides with spirit and energy of one his wild kids maybe even all 3. Will Taubin once referred to Mike Tag as a washed up Box Jumper. Mike is a LEGEND, that instills fear in steal pegs by brutally grinding through them on the unlikely surfaces.He did it on a bully once too. Garret G. doesn’t run pegs, but I saw him singing karaoke once so crazy, he hit his head and almost knowcked himself out. New Soft goods are in stock At FBM, and at your Favorite shops…Check them out!

All oldies, All the time... Kelly B, And his squad of Yellers... Vert Carve Mania Cody Brown upside down! MIke Tag is a washed up Box Jumper? Chris hancock Vert Carve! Garret G, pondering... New Thermal John Corts is Banannas!

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