Friends, Bikes, More blogging…

Kelly and his 2 boys, Ewok Village, at Bakers Acres...

I am listening to Simon and Garfunkel, “at the zoo”, drinking some coffee, posting pictures of me and my buddies on the news. In Vegas an entire industry is getting ready to display entire product lines, spawned from the type of activities in these pics, Friends, bikes an fun. Granted the consumer end of that whole deal is youth based, and we are old farts, but what the hell… Thanks to Ryan Hoey for the pics, and Scott towne for setting a good example for riders everywhere, of all kinds. See FBM at Vegas Booth 5757.

Birdland, Scott Towne and friend, over under... That old cranpa... Ryan Hoey pics... Nac nacs are back.

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Friends, Bikes, More blogging…

Latane of re cycles...I dont think he even has a last name

Here are a few bike riding pics of some friends of FBM, you can see more friends of FBM in the owners Group section…Lots of cool pics, and frienly faces!
These pics are all at one Bridge, in Richmond, with Evan an Lat., who both work at Re cycles….More Recycles news soon.

Lat Dog, eyeing some shit up Evan V. of Re Cycles Allegedly Todd Everitt did this wallride on a fixie years ago. In case you forgot Big Job Was a badass..... snap a crackarm, leg gash, not  a whimper. Garret  G. face.

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