Friends, Beards, Motorcycles.

Doing mods on the haggard sidecar Kawasaki...

The trip down south on Motorcycles, hitting up parks and such is done, after a day of fixing cycles, and jawling up the 301 to Richmond. It was a great trip, which seemed to get a good response from people, via the email. Brad Blanchard says he’s in for the next one. Wow. Any rate, thanks to all the good people along the way, and thanks to the good old BMX for providing us these opportunities with all these fine folks. Have Fun Every Day!

Nutter entertaining himself, mid mod. Shea with some more modifying... Getting oiled up for the journey home. This guy kicked us out of the oil spot, and then threw up gang signs, all while flossing some serious gold fronts! Brad Blanchard, stoked on the beards, and cycle trip, heck ya! Kerry Sayre also seems stoked on the beard action. Fire Beards and mayhem? Moto trip mania down under! Steve Beirne sent these pics Get some!

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