Friendly Bike Mafia!

Josh Elkington was born in a cauldron.

JOsh Elkington is one of my favorite riders, he is raw, and unaffected, was born in a cauldron at stonhenge, and has never even heard of a computer. Banners set up the shot, and I poached the pic. Banners is an ape as well. Tuesday is officially “whats hanging on the walls of the machine shop” day, today we have an old Derrick Girard Dig poster, and a pic of Robert Goulet. Big Dave has been busy back there, devising a new Quadruple butted Double top tube system for a new street/park frame, designed specifically for Vert riding and feeble grinding. In other news, Joey J. and his Flamboyant Florida Lunatic squad, are officially KOOKED. Proof to come.

On the wall at the FBM Machine shop. On the wall at the FBM Machine shop #2. Dylan Cole, sending off  batch of frames to heat treat, and eating Hamburger Helper. Big Dave and a new FBM pro Model Prototype...

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