Friday’s top 6….

Kelly Baker...lofting some serious awesomeness!

The top 6 random awesomes for Friday the 15th ( in no particular order)….

1.- Kelly Baker, doing one handers at bakers acres. KB will be doing “How to not be a big wuss” BMX clinics at his trails this summer.

2. Random handlebar, mannequin leg, space heater setups, it’s the next big thing!

3. FBM custom frames, and John Lee’s reaction to his personal ride- the Stovepipe Jumpoff. It is one of the sweetest bikes I have seen in My entire life.

4. Dialing. Big Dave has been dialing so long, he made his own Robocop arm.

5.the first of the Vol 2 FBM completes- cool as heck looking!

6.Scott Towne’s interview on ‘In the gnar!’
If you are not familiar with Scott, do yourself some learning. Scott is one of the most right on, dedicated, original’s in all of BMX.

1 hander rail in the woods.... random artistic diplay? Look at all that awesomeness! Captain nice n friendly- John Lee and his jump off! Robocop aint got shit.... Completely awesome! Scott towne, BMXplus cover midel, circa 1986! and now!!!! Scott Towne, rocking it! new FBM stickers... not on the list, But an

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