Friday is here, and its Halloween weekend. FUN. FUN. Here’s a pic of the 2006 Capone, they wont be ready for a little while still, but they look hot. Shanton Wilson is awsome. I get sentimental during the fall, for whatever reasons, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who supports FBM, and thanks to all the people throughout the years who have helped us get where we are today, It’s been a long road, and it aint been easy, but without the support of some good people, FBM would still be nothing more than a sketchy T-shirt being sold out of a backpack. I would also like to extend my appreciation to Mat Hoffman, for not pursuing the whole Monkey Boy thing. That video was terrible Mat. Sorry. We love you though. Will Love? Ryan Corrigan, will be dressed as the amazing pukee dancer for Halloween, after he gets some rest, busy dude that Corrigan. Just Returnded froom the Backyard Jam, helping Build the course (which was awesome) and will son be back at Nyquists building. I hope everyone has a good time getting dressed up, eating candy, and creating a general disturbance, Aaron Ross i am sure will, he challenged me in a halloween contest, we’ll have news on that next week. WORD!

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