Friday November 14th!

Derrick Girard from an old Shitluck article in Cream?

Not quite friday the 13th, but scary nonetheless. Here are afew pics I found of the guys from an old french roadtrip with Shitluck, on that trip, Leland got banned from the Eiffel Tower for running around in a chicken mask, in a manthong, with a bottle of expensive champagne. Weird.

Kelly Baker updated his Rider Blog, he is nuts.
Another Vimeo upload, the slideshow from the FBM 10 year DVD we released a few years back, lots of cool old pics of FBM friends and family. Word up!

FBM 10 year slide show… from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Billy Ashby, same article... tag... shitluck article. Bakers acres... KB summer pic- vic bettencourt

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