Friday February First!

Tom Blyth is one bad man.

January just hauled ass by us, And Feb. 1st showed up with an ice storm in NY. Oh Word? Tom Blyth, a man of many niceities, has a Blog on his team page. Blogging is probably the biggest thing in BMX right now, since Goosenecks. Derrick Girard sans beard? Or that an old pic? I posted some archived Shawn Arata pics, as well as an OLD Ad from faction Magazine. Cornpie is even in the picture, and it looks like Gilly Is picking his nose. Sweet.

Derrick, Heino ,and Clint... Archived Arata pic. I dont know if Billy Reising shot these or BUCK...? Old Faction Ad with Gilly, AKA Cruddy, AKA Jeremy Reiss.

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