Friday Dude Party!

Cameron Wood is a Roaster extraordinaire. His man Skier J sent ove some sweet pics of Killa Cam in Action. Behind the scenes at FBM, where the magic happens, Big Dave and the boys are weldong up bikes, and rocking out in the machine shop, so Chunk and John Lee can ship out bikes. John Corts goes tanning while not welding Joint frames, and Big Dave Is prototyping new bikes for Aaron Ross to test out at the Mexico X games. I shot a couple snaps of Chris Collins and Bill Bryant from Biltwell Inc. who rolled through upstate NY with Mcgoo, on a motorcycle trip. Those dudes, as well as Jeff Allen and some others, are aping it on some sweet custom bikes on an east coast trip… In other news the Riders in the In the Czech Republic have a website called Bmx-Street, that they posted some video from the Rebel Jam, including an interview with yours truly. Meeting that crew was super awesome, thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall