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Joel barnett,and Wormz on a strict jazzercise plan

Memorial day weekend coming up, 3 days of chaos in America with scorching hot BBQ grills and record gas prices. Joel Barnett and Wormz are celebrating by doing whatever they feel like, on and off their bicycles. A few random pics in today’s update including Belial, from the 1982 movie “basket case”. Some Rock show pics, One of an amazing dual drum setup band called- Snack truck and another from last night, of Joe Lally, formerly of Fugazi, which was pretty cool. Real chill, at a local record store. Livin La Vida Local. In other happenings, Leif sent over some pics of Owls you can look at –Here.
Give a hoot, and don’t pollute. peep the Flo Panel Scott Towne dialed in as well, AWESOME!

Random toby Forte Sequence... Archived john Lee No bathroom, no worries... Meet Belial... A serious basket case. Leif valin, getting ready again for Halloween. Joe Lally of Fugazi fame, playing in Ithaca... Dual drumkits ala Snacktruck Leif Valin pics... Lighning bolts art show submission, via Scott Towne!

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