Forgotten Grace.

Tom Blyth, grindcore....

UK rider, and FBM pro, Tom Blyth, sent over some pics of his band…Forgotten Grace. Check them out on the space…. Gypsy trip count down, chaos has already ensued… Who will survive the wrath of Kelly Baker? Exodus frames are shipping out, the new warehouse is still in progress, but the guys at Last Call, are still hustling. Amidst Machine shop rebuilding, check out what the corts’are also up to-
Team major air & friends from jon walley on Vimeo.
Also, check 4down, for a cool Toby Forte Story

Gypsy trip mods..... Exodus frames shipping out of the new warehouse. John Lee, and John Paul, gettin R dun. Kim Boyle sent this pic in, guess whats going on and win something.

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