FBM Jam in October…..

FBM, and the Guys in Richmond at Recycles, are hosting a nice little bike party in October. We decided to build a ramp out of pallets ala ghetto comp style, and invite some wild characters to come check it out…Basically we are going to have an all day ramp/bowl jam, a bunny hop comp, that is all open to anyone to come ride, have some bands play, and sort of have a pre register/invite list of apes to ride a 15 foot roll in, to a sketchy as all getout 12 foot quarter, for best trick an High Air. Mat Hoffman agreed to come hang out, and judge the event, Chad Kagy got stoked and told some of his buddies, and it looks like its going to be a hoot…. Some Details are still in progress, But Leland is going to have a Shitluck Hot Dog (veggie dog?) Eating contest, Darryl Nau will be on hand to help emcee the party, and bring some of his own flavor on board for excitement, and who knows what else. Stay Tuned for more details…..

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