FBM hearts Darryl Nau!

Here are a few pics from Kie, and his first American visit… Heres what he had to say…-
“i wanted to take the chance to give all of you guys an email and give everyone a HUGE thanks for making my trip one of the best of my life, i knew this trip was going to be sweet and i knew i was going to make friends, i didnt know it was going to be so amazing and i didnt expect to make best friends, it definitly was super hard to say bye!
ive attatched a dickload of random photos of not a whole lot but they are sweet.”
Thanks to you too Kie….
In other Random news, I posted some BMX art that Matt Hofman is doing some charity work with… All made in Hotel rooms during Vegas, and Mexican X games stays….pretty cool. Ralph Stollenwork has a posse…

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